Ford Ecoboost Mustang Silicone Charge Pipes 2015-2017

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If one thing stands out on your Ecoboost Mustang's turbo system, it's restrictive piping. This limits your engine's performance, especially when doing high-performance mods.

Ambient Thermal Management set out to correct this by taking out a lot of unneeded volume, bends and potential leak points in our charge pipe kit. We designed these to be as straight as possible while removing the stock restrictions and bottlenecks, resulting in an increase of the efficiency of the system. Our kit also allows the ability to run either the stock diverter valve in a recirculation configuration, vent to atmosphere OR with a variety of aftermarket BOV's that use a 1.5" hose adapter.


  • Larger, smoother, straight shot adds responsiveness and quicker spool
  • Silicone offer fantastic heat insulation, perfect fitment, and no issues with engine movement due to its flexibility
  • Offered with a BOV adapter that is compatible with the stock diverter valve flange (recirculation or VTA configuration) OR without an adapter for use with aftermarket BOV valves



Fits 2015-2017 EcoBoost Mustang