BMW E92 E93 335D "EURO" Intake Kit 2008-2012

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The BMW 335D holds a special place in the hearts of ATM. The diesel powerplant makes for an extraordinary platform but one with little aftermarket parts available. That’s where ATM comes in.

DEVELOPMENT- As the tunes for the 335D kept evolving, it was clear that the stock airbox was not up to the task of providing the engine with enough air. A solution was necessary.

ATM’s 335D intake system was designed from the ground up to occupy the stock airbox space while increasing power and improving sound, as well as upgrading the look under the hood. This intake utilizes the stock snorkel piping in addition to drawing in extra cold air around the headlight and bumper. This increased air supply along with a high-flow 8-layer filter yields a considerable top-end power increase, especially in tuned cars. Not to mention you will absolutely love the sound!

ATM's "EURO" version has been made to fit the E92/E93 specifically as they have a brace attached to the frame rail in this area. By incorporating this into a simpler design we've come up with a cost-effective solution to increase the performance of your 335D Coupe and Convertible.


  • Recommended specifically for tuned and deleted off-road vehicles **Stock vehicles may encounter codes/limp mode, therefore not recommended for stock tunes**
  • Choice of a Cleanable 8-Layer Cotton Oil Filter Element or Dry Filter Element
  • Stainless steel construction with a black wrinkle powdercoat
  • Fits in the stock airbox space and utilizes the OEM snorkel
  • Dyno-proven to add power in the upper rpm range
  • Greatly improves turbo sound!


Black Wrinkle Powdercoat

As shown below, on a Stage 2+ tuned car the ATM intake is worth over 15hp and 20 ft. lbs of torque when compared to the stock airbox.

FILTERS- Both filters offer similar performance characteristics, so the decision comes down to would you prefer to throw away the filter (dry element) or clean it (oiled element).

Both filter choices are cleanable but if you operate your vehicle in conditions with lots of dry dust, we have found that customers like using a dry filter since it can be blown out with compressed air to extend the life of the filter.

S&B's new Dry Filters offer the following:

  • Airflow comparable to cotton filters.
  • Same great protection S&B is known for.
  • Lasts up to 30,000 miles on the highway.
  • Extend the life of the filter using compressed air.

    Fits BMW E92/E93 335D models from 2008-2012. Recommended specifically for tuned and deleted off-road vehicles. 

    **Stock vehicles may encounter codes/limp mode, therefore not recommended for stock tunes**


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