Ford Ecoboost Mustang Intercooler 2015-2019

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Ambient Thermal Management is proud to reintroduce the stepped core intercooler back to the EcoBoost Mustang market!

SIZE - We've measured the available area in front of the bumper in both depth and height and custom designed an intercooler that makes the most of this space - the result is an intercooler with an ambient face that is an astounding 108% larger than stock!

CORE - ATM is the only FMIC manufacturer producing a stepped core as one single assembly. Our core is custom made to our specifications, including the ambient and charge row height and internal and external fin count. And of course, at the heart of every ATM intercooler core is our unique rounded header bars which act as a velocity stack for the charge rows, increasing the flow efficiency from 80% to 94+%!

The end result is the ATM FMIC's ability to remove more temperature, meet the targeted air flow, and minimize the pressure drop in your Mustang.


  • More core volume than stock? - Yes!
  • More ambient face than stock? - Yes, 108%
  • More charge rows than stock?  - Yes, 21
  • Bar and Plate construction? - Yes, with innovative rounded header bars
  • Flow tapered cast end tanks to direct the ambient and charge air with minimal pressure drop.


    Black or Silver Powdercoat


    Our IC's are custom designed for each application. In the case of the Ecoboost, where we saw a 30hp power drop in a single gear dyno run and AIT's approaching 200° F, our design goals were to maximize AIT temperature drop and to thwart off heat soak similar to our other intercoolers. This means a large ambient face, dense fin packs and significant thermal mass! Here's a pic of a 2-3-4 gear Datalog on the Ecoboost Mustang with a Cobb OTS tune showing how well our intercoolers work to lower AIT's and keep them low. As you can see the AIT temps only rose 4 degrees over starting temp in a 2-3-4 gear run. Since this intercooler only allows temps to rise a few degrees it will recover much faster than a less efficient unit!


    Fits 2015-2019 EcoBoost Mustang

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